YouTube Gives Sneak Peek Of Its Exciting New Feature Called ‘Go Live Together’

YouTube is giving users and creators another reason to celebrate and this time around, it’s related to a new feature that’s called ‘Go Live Together’.

The feature is all about creators inviting any guest into their live stream on mobile devices. The only criteria are that the guest needs to have a YouTube channel and of course, the app installed on their platform.

The company feels this is a golden opportunity for those who wish to facilitate collaboration through the YouTube app and in turn reach new audiences by allowing an expansion of the channel. But most important, it’s all about users having a great time going live with either their own buddies or a creator friend.

The best part of this feature according to YouTube is that it won’t require any form of fancy software. All you need to do is grab your phone and your friend and make way for a great collaborative effort.

So, how do you begin? Well, it’s awfully simple as the platform recently explained. Simply log into the app and press the Create button. Since you’re the initiating creator, you’ll be getting tagged as the host. Now add your friend and send them an invite either through an email or a text message.

Once it’s accepted, your guest is the one who joins you and you both can now take the time out to conduct a short preview test. Check out the audio and video and if things are working great then fantastic.

When both parties are ready, simply go live by clicking on the ‘Go live’ tab. So what are the requirements to go live? For starters, you need to have this go live streaming feature enabled on your mobile device. Other than that, you require 50 subscribers and a verified check. You also require a YouTube channel and not a lot of active strikes on it.

The app will be rolling this feature out in the next few weeks so in case you don’t see it right now despite having the feature enabled then don’t break a sweat. You’ll be getting it soon.

YouTube says that although such streams can be scheduled from a creator’s desktop, the actual go-live streaming session can only take place via phones. So make sure the YouTube app is downloaded on your device.

The app also addressed concerns related to ads on ‘Go Live Together’ streams. They can be played across the platforms and would be dedicated to the account of the host who initiated the stream and not the guest. So do sort that out with your partner before going live to avoid any misunderstandings. So any revenue earned through such means would be going to the host of the stream.

Also, the co-Livestream session would only be showing on the host’s channel and not the guest, even if the latter wanted it to. While a lot of creators had requested this feature to be launched during the trial phase, it’s yet to do so. But the company is keen on introducing that soon, perhaps in the near future.

Hosts can always be generous and kind to their respective guests by adding their partner’s channel name in the description box and also making a separate community tab post that promotes their appearance on the channel.

The host can also redirect the stream to another stream if they wish to use the app’s Redirect button. But remember, if the guest ends up violating the app’s community guidelines, the host would be responsible for all such behavior and actions.

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