WhatsApp Is Working On A Private Newsletter Tool And Profile Icons Within Group Chats

WhatsApp is leading the way in terms of innovation as it begins testing two more exciting features.

The first has to do with the news world. And while that might sound shocking, considering the fact that it’s a messaging platform, new reports from WABetaInfo claim it’s actually happening.

News enthusiasts definitely have something to look forward to in this aspect as it’s a unique play on the newsletter domain.

Dubbed the app’s private newsletter tool, it’s currently in the testing process and could be seen launching as a part of the platform’s next update. But again, we’ve got no confirmation from Meta itself, as WaBetaInfo made use of its reverse engineering tool to get a hint.

As it is, the app is offering users the chance to broadcast texts to many people at the same time. And we wouldn’t be wrong to call it out as a mega game changer.

The endeavor gives users the chance to keep chats open that they might be having with several users at once. And we have a strong feeling that the newsletter feature is going to be linked to the likes of this only.

The report claims the feature would be a one-to-many offering when broadcasting information. Before we forget, Matt Navarra did mention how the app planned on introducing another broadcast channel in its Messenger app too but that’s different from what is being unveiled here.

As far as details on this offering are concerned, well, there are hardly any at this moment in time. And you never know when the app might end up altering its mind at a particular point in time regarding this new endeavor.

We don’t hope that happens as the project does sound a little exciting, to begin with. Remember, the app has a user base comprising 2 billion active users. And if a small portion of them does show some interest in the likes of a newsletter, it could turn into the biggest newsletter offering.

For those that don’t know, there are so many people who are already making use of the app’s distribution endeavor to market their own newsletters. And as more and more people begin reading those, the market is bound to flourish in terms of newsletter players.

The company may end up putting forward an exciting offering in the world of newsletters as it allows them to read it on the go, wherever they are, whenever they want, thanks to this instant messaging platform that they use anyways.

With the company having a huge user base with a massive engagement rate, we’re wondering why it didn’t think of the genius idea before. Remember, today, so many brands are reaching out to their own user markets beyond the classic means of just emails.

On the other hand, we’re hearing about another new and exciting update by WhatsApp. This time around, it has to do with the likes of adding profile icons inside group chats.

It's thanks to WABetInfo that we’re getting more news on this front. It claims the company is working on launching profile icons so it gets easier for respective group members to know who in the group is sending out the text.

We think the update is much needed and one that was a long time coming. Remember, it’s going to be great for those groups that have members with the same name or ones where members don’t have a picture, to begin with. So now, you can easily identify through their respective profile picture, more than anything else.

In case the user has opted to keep their profile picture private, well, whatever has been set up in their default settings is going to show. Hence, let’s wait for the rollout that should be expected really soon.

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