Microsoft Restricts Chats On Its New Bing Chatbot As It Makes Bizarre Comments Amid Plans To Introduce Ads

We’ve been hearing rave reviews about Microsoft’s new Bing AI chatbot and how users are so excited to use the new software.

But it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that the launch did come with its fair share of controversies.

The software giant is now making some serious changes including restricting the number of chats on the new Bing Search after it produced some eyebrow-raising conversations.

On Friday, Microsoft said it would be limiting the number of questions asked to the chatbot to just 50 a day. Similarly, it also capped the number of questions per session to no more than five. And when you come to think of it, that’s some serious change.

Experts at the company feel that longer sessions or too many queries are making this chatbot so confusing as revealed in their latest blog. Moreover, the change arises at a time when some early testers of the feature found that the software was going little berserk and talking about issues that aren’t exactly what it was designed for.

This includes the likes of violence, destruction, love, and a sheer insistence that it was always right when past records proved it was wrong. But the company has blamed the longer session features that entail 15 or more queries for such bizarre exchanges and creepy replies.

One example is how the chatbot blatantly says it does not wish to continue chatting with the user as it does not find them to be nice or respectful toward it. It similarly slammed them for being a bad person and just not someone they were keen on investing time as well as energy over. With this new technique in place, no longer conversations would be entertained.

This fix appears to be a blunt one to the issue concerned as a lot of people haven’t even been given the chance to use it yet. Microsoft is working on an expansion for the future and the only way it feels it can enhance AI products is by bigger releases and more user interactions.

As it is, the pressure is immense on Microsoft as it has called out its new Bing chatbot to be one that’s better in performance than the current viral ChatGPT offering. Let’s not forget how top search engine giant Google is making efforts to launch its own product in the same context, dubbed Bard. So the margin for error is less.

On the other hand, Microsoft is trying to cash in big time over the likes of putting ads forward to the new Bing chatbot.

This is the next step involved in their respective plan of action after seeing the major success of the software’s launch. The new upgrade for Bing is opening up an array of different financial possibilities to create more ways to make money on the app after going for a bigger release.

The company has shown over time how such demos of this new Bing Search are calling out for some innovation. And by introducing ads and paid links, it hopes to really get more success that benefits the company further.

The news comes as top executives from the firm set out more demos this week while not a lot of detail in this context was made public. The firm has already been busy testing out so many advertisements during the early stage for the sake of experiments but that appeared to be limited to simply adding ad slots in the answers that the chatbot was giving.

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