TikTok To Launch More Shopping Features For Brands As Instagram Does The Opposite

In the world of social media, apps are always striving to reach the top of the list as the competition is tough.

Both TikTok and Instagram are arch rivals, looking to better the app and invest heavily in trends that make a lot of money. This includes the likes of short vertical video content, alongside many other features.

But a recent report is talking about TikTok doing the exact opposite of its rival Instagram.

The app is working on rolling out some more shopping features for brands on the platform while Instagram just recently shut doors on its livestream shopping endeavor.

The feature would entail users to purchase directly through the platform as reported by AdAge. It reveals the feature is being launched quietly right now and is similar to an in-app checkout offering in America.

This means brands are given the chance to sell products via the app directly. Moreover, the company is inviting big names like those linked to pop culture and favored greatly by the youth. Common examples include the likes of Pacsun and KimChi chic which would allow featuring their goods on the app.

Those brands offering a great shopping experience on the platform would comprise a tiny bag icon that features across their profile. This is where users may explore goods through a respective catalog that entails images, price tags, videos, and even descriptions. Similarly, users may include products from a number of stores in the same shopping cart.

This move arrives at a time when more and more individuals including teens are making use of the app as their leading search engine. Furthermore, this does not indicate that the app would be successful with the whole shopping endeavor.

Remember, Instagram failed to get the response that many at the company had envisioned. They followed in the footsteps of markets in China but the West was just not too included in in-app purchases at the frequency that it would have liked. Therefore, Meta announced that both Facebook and Instagram would have the feature of the Shop Tab removed.

Instead, Instagram hopes to divert its efforts and resources toward the likes of advertising instead of e-commerce. Moreover, on Wednesday, we saw a direct announcement of the platform shutting down the Live Shopping offering from early next month. This means creators can no longer tag the goods in their Live broadcast. But Meta says it will continue to allow other shopping endeavors on the app.

For now, TikTok is carrying out its shopping feature launch across the USA. But it’s yet to be determined whether or not we can expect to see another expansion to other regions in the near future. Also, the brands being included are limited so with time, it would be interesting to see how many more get on board.

Above all, critics are looking at whether or not Instagram’s leading competitor can succeed in a designated area where it failed to make a lasting impression. For that, we’ll just need to wait and watch.

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