More Trouble For Apple As US Justice Department Escalates The Antitrust Investigation Against It

In 2019, we heard about Apple being accused of violating its own anti-trust policies as regulators dived down deep into its App Stores and iOS rules for an investigation.

But the case was never completed as investigations continued. However, it appears now that it has picked up the pace with the Justice Department adding more experts to handle the matter and find a conclusion regarding the final decision.

The report comes to us thanks to the Wall Street Journal which says the work is being done at a faster pace now than ever. There is a draft in place that sets out a new antitrust complaint against the Cupertino-based organization.

Moreover, it continued to speak about how the case is escalating with higher-ups taking stricter notice of the progress taking place each day. This entails the addition of more litigators and requests for paperwork as well as consultations alongside other firms.

Furthermore, the probe has managed to reach a certain point in time where the team appears to be in search of ways that entail the lead of the antitrust division. His name is Jonathan Kanter and his past track history shows him representing the likes of several opponents of the iPhone maker. This entails Basecamp, Spotify, and Match too. But soon afterward, he joined the DOJ.

From what experts claim, the scope of this investigation is quite broad. We’re seeing a focus on the likes of whether or not Apple’s App Store violates rules linked to anti-trust or not. But at the same time, it has to do with how Apple is affecting competition with the likes of developers from outside its own organization.

The DOJ deals with the tech giant’s policies and even governs several software firms owned by third parties across its devices. This has been severely criticized as Apple continues to conduct its own competitive practices with no care for others.

In the same way, the experts taking charge are also searching for whether or not the firm’s iOS system is behaving fairly or not by. Allegations are plenty that Apple is using anticompetitive means to favor its own goods and services including those of outsider developers.

For now, this is the latest front that highlights the expanding team that’s working on a very interesting anti-trust probe.

Last year in August, we saw the US DOJ set out more aims of filing lawsuits against the company toward the end of the year 2022. And while regulating firms are missing out on deadlines, the report from today is making it quite clear that the tech giant is not being let go so easily.

Let’s not forget of this is not the last of the company’s worries. They are similarly fighting several other antitrust complaints linked to the legislation seen in several nations around the globe. One of the most talked about ones is the EU where the DMA forced the iPhone maker to set out new changes on iOs and the App Store.

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