TikTok Rolls Out New Dedicated Feeds On Its Homepage Including Food, Fashion, Gaming, And Sports

TikTok has silently launched new dedicated feeds on its homepage, as spotted by Jonah Manzano.

The leading social media platform is adding diversity to its already present Following and For You feeds. Therefore, some users may be witnessing a selection of new themes including the likes of gaming, sports, fashion, food, and more. So when you swipe from one feed to the next, it displays content for every category without the need for the extra effort to search for certain things.

Thanks to the new interface, the app says it is on the lookout to make things simpler for users that are in search of a particular type of content through the app. It's up to them if they want to watch a video related to it at that moment in time or simply stay updated.

The current Following and For You feeds on TikTok aren’t exactly organized. They end up showing so many different kinds of content in minutes and you’re confused because all you wanted was a specific something. Also, the content is very scattered.

You’re likely to see animal content pop up and shortly after that, you might up seeing images pertaining to something tragic taking place in the world. Clearly, it’s not the best place to be in. But with the new change up and running, the platform seems to give users the chance to choose any content type that they wish to see at that moment in time.

Those in search of food-related content need to click on food while those in search of the hottest jewelry trends of the season need to click on fashion. If you’re wondering why you can’t just search for these things in the search bar, well, you can. But with the new change, user feeds are giving you the chance to see a particular kind of content.

By the looks of it, the change seems to be a new and welcoming addition for any users that seek organization on the platform. In the same way, it gives them to see more content that they love.

But at the same time, some people might not love the change because it does overcomplicate the once simple homepage of the app. As it is, you’re seeing so many features that entail a lot of things.

Thanks to new updates like these, TikTok is really hoping to expand into its defined audience members thanks to new topics on offer. We also see this as a great way for the firm to become more aligned with its respective competitors.

For example, Google’s famous streaming app YouTube includes several different types of themes used to search for content that users are keen on seeing. It’s been there for a while now. Be it music, movies, gaming, and even podcasts- you’ll find it all.

We’re not sure if TikTok would be expanding its categories further because for now, it’s just sticking to a fixed set of four.

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