The New Bing Search Heads To Mobile Devices And Skype As Microsoft Introduces Voice Support

Microsoft has opted to introduce its AI-powered Bing to a number of other devices. The company mentioned how the new tool powered by OpenAI would now be found on both Android as well as iOS.

But at the same time, you are going to see it pop up on platforms like Skype chat. Similarly, another major change that we’re seeing come forward is asking the chatbot a few queries using your own voice. This was never done in the past so it’s definitely something exciting and worthwhile. Did we mention how as per Microsoft stats, this is one of the most requested options of all time among clients?

The software giant claims that nearly 64% of all search requests these days are taking place through mobile phones so it’s so crucial for the firm to make sure this search engine is present on both Android as well as iOS devices. Moreover, today, users are being given the chance to gain access to more Bing services powered by AI technology through mobile phones. And that’s linked to the device found in this app as well as the Edge browser.

Additionally, we’re hearing more news on the front related to voice input. Here is where users are given the chance to click on a microphone button that’s seen close to desktops as well as smartphones. But Bing says it hopes to continue replying to users through the likes of texts.

The software giant says it also hopes to empower AI-powered searches by Bing as a part of the Skype chats. It may end up tagging Bing along to chats and that would similarly get you answers in various forms. This could be texts, simple responses, and bullet points too. Moreover, the service ends up providing support in nearly 100 different languages and it’s linked to the Skype Built-in Translator.

Bing has ChatGPT integrated into it but the rollout is still not being done to the masses. This means so many people must wait in line. But clearly, the anticipation is very real as so many people are getting lined up to get their hands on it.

The software giant says it is really working so hard and so fast to give access to as many users as possible. This has to do with increased demand that has even shocked the company.

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