Reddit Unveils Huge Update That Allows Users To Search Content Within Post Comments

Reddit has been through its fair share of ups and downs in the recent past but it now seems the company is back to business.

The leading social media platform made headlines after it got hacked. But now, we’re hearing more about a recent unveiling that users of the app are going to love.

The company is working on delivering the best in-app experience for users with a new update that many would call out to be super effective.

Reddit says that in the future, all users would be able to conduct searches for data directly through the comments seen in subreddits. This means now being given the chance to go to a specific post directly and then look for answers which they’ve been on the lookout for.

The biggest benefit linked to this endeavor has to do with the sheer convenience linked to it as you no longer have to scavenge through hundreds or even thousands of comments, saving so much time.

Just one year back, we saw how the platform gave rise to a leading update on this front and allowed users to look for different comments on the Reddit application from the start. As anyone can imagine, it’s a huge deal as some threads on the app tend to be very long. The latter is especially true for those that are not too active on the app and tend to visit it after years.

Seeing its popularity, the firm brought it forward to the likes of various mobile platforms, and seeing it work toward a more refined search means great progress. And one of the greatest points is related to searching usernames through the feature as well.

Additionally, the new feature for search sees Reddit rolling out another useful offering where users can look for texts seen within different pictures. At the same time, the firm also hopes to enhance its subreddit algorithm for search and give users more relevant answers to their queries when compared to the past.

Last but not least, we’re hearing more about the company trying to improve the overall search experience for videos on the platform. This provides more control when looking at the results of video searches.

Obviously, those wishing to give this a shot can do so with ease as they’re more than welcome to come to the app’s website and download it if you’re an Apple or Android user.

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