Reddit Offers Insight into the Growing Financial Discussions on the Platform

Reddit is one of the fastest-growing platforms after having built over 100,000 communities. Although it is the place to go when you need to know or ask about anything and everything, the red hot niche on Reddit at the moment is finance.

The platform is so popular because it brings people with the same interest together which helps them discover new facts about the things they love! This is why Reddit might be the perfect platform to bring all your financial worries and apply marketing tactics to boost your business.

62% of users from the finance division on Reddit claim that it is the only place they can have an authentic conversation about financial brands. The quality and uniqueness brought through the discussions on this platform regarding finance brands are nowhere else to be found.

Since it is such a great way to converse and promote financial brands, Reddit thought it would be best utilized now. The reason is because of April's financial capability month.

To push their idea, Reddit has shared an infographic overview that highlights all the key points regarding finance on the platform. The infographic mainly highlights the engagement concerning finance.

While the infographic isn't the best tool for Redditers, it is quite a useful tool for business owners. It will serve as a key to small business owners looking for audience infographics.

According to the infographic, finance communities thrive on Reddit. There are 17.7M ad-addressable monthly visitors within the financial personal interest groups. There are 70k+ unique communities discussing finance on a personal level. Furthermore, there is a 24% growth in year-on-year personal finance discussions.

While the infographic stated the finance community percentage on the platform, it also highlighted that 54% of users think the ads are more relevant. These financial ads are compared by users to other sites that serve similar ads.

Lastly, what's interesting is that 55% of Redditers confessed to using the information found on Reddit while making financial decisions. It shows that the claims that Reddit makes about how influential it is are true.

According to Reddit, the most run ads on the platform are those that are custom created as compared to those promoted posts. Engagement posts perform pretty moderately as shown by the infographic.

It also highlights some of the top finance communities on the platform that includes r/personalfinance, r/creditcards, r/investing, r/enterprenaur, and r/stocks. The infographic includes a QR code that will enable Reddit users to join the communities and start exploring.

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