More Than 50% Of Americans Feel News Outlets Intentionally Mislead People As Per This Study

If you think the news you’re reading is actually misleading you in more than one way, well, you might not be the only one.

A new study says that more than 50% of Americans feel that they can’t trust local and national media outlets because the news is designed to mislead, misguide, and misinform them on purpose.

This new report comes to us thanks to the Gallup & Knight Foundation. Their national survey proved that only 25% of Americans held an optimistic view of the news but the rest were convinced that the news radiated no sense of positivity or responsibility toward providing the real picture.

More emphasis was placed on local news outlets that so many respondents feel so skeptical about. 23% mentioned how their local news channels could care less about the people reading the information including those viewing and listening to them too. On the other hand, 35% mentioned how they deeply cared about the likes of influencing society with their reporting while the rest felt otherwise.

In terms of generations, it was the American adult population that seemed more positive about local news channels. Here is where 25% disagreed about local papers and news stations that didn’t intend to misguide or persuade the general public.

Similarly, 53% did agree on how local media outlets cared about what effects their reporting would have on the population. Moreover, one recipient of a focus group mentioned these decisions might have to do with local organizations knowing a certain area more specifically.

Therefore, they’re more likely to comprehend the disturbances their wrong actions can bring. Similarly, they felt strongly about the people to which they were communicating their news stories.

As far as topics like funding are concerned, most respondents of this survey felt that both types of news organizations held resources and chances to report the news as accurately and as justly as possible to the general public. Meanwhile, 72% argued that it was just the national news outlets that cared while 65% felt it was the local news outlets that showed more concern.

Whatever the case may be, this report definitely paints a gloomy picture of how much readers and viewers trust the country’s media outlets. Moreover, it provides a clear image of people aren’t keen on reading the news as much as they once used to be in the past.

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