70 percent of Americans believe websites will be replaced by apps in the next 10 years

According to the survey conducted by OnePoll commissioned by Cricket Wireless, a prepaid wireless service provider company, seven in ten U.S. citizens believe that mobile phone applications will take over websites in the next ten years.

Ever since smartphones started to get more advanced, people have been relying on them more than personal computers. The survey confirmed it, as 26% of the participants believed they could go a whole year without using a web browser. Forty-four percent of the participants agreed to use personal computers or laptops daily, while on the other hand, sixty-nine percent agreed to use mobile phones with this regularly.

As mobile phones have started to offer services such as filing tax returns from the device, almost forty-two percent of the respondents use their mobile phones for the same purpose, compared to thirty-six percent who prefer to file taxes manually, whereas forty-six percent use it for everyday work. When participants were asked whether they’d opt for mobile phones or PCs, fifty-nine percent went with mobile phones.

Apple’s iOS users seemed to be less dependent on their iPhones, as 34% of them claimed they could go a whole week without it, whereas only 21% of Android users made the same claim. Among all the apps used on mobile phones, entertainment apps lead the chart, followed by apps meant for communication and financial applications in third.

Other than using it for communication purposes, smartphones are mostly used for online shopping (51 percent), capturing photos or recording videos (51 percent), assistance in daily work (46 percent), filing tax returns (42 percent), using it for educational purposes (39 percent), or reading online articles or magazines (38 percent).

It was also recorded that of those who will be receiving tax returns, 25 percent of them will do so through financial apps, 25 percent will do so through banks, and 23 percent intend to use them to invest in investment applications.

According to Tony Mokry, VP and CMO of Cricket Wireless, mobile phone applications can also be used to discover different services. He further added that people have started using apps in different fields of work.

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