Meta tests a new "Roll Call" feature in Messenger

Meta has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is internally testing a new "Roll Call" feature in Messenger.

Meta had been brainstorming for months on bringing more authenticity and realness into social media. They finally decided to test a feature similar to BeReal in their Messenger App. The "Roll Call" feature would invite users to add a photo or video of what they were up to at any given moment.

At first, people were hesitant about this new idea. But as Meta explained more and more of the benefits that Roll Call could have on social media, people started getting excited about it. They could share their daily lives with friends while maintaining privacy since only those who added something could see other responses.

After weeks of testing the feature internally, Meta was confident enough to launch it publicly within Messenger!

Roll Call feature gives users a way to express themselves authentically without worrying too much about judgment from others. 

Users can begin roll calls and upload pictures or videos of their activity with the help of a scheduled countdown. The participants will then receive notifications so they may communicate with one another and share those "genuine moments."

BeReal offers users a variety of ways to connect, from video calls and private messaging to public feeds and games. There are also options to create group chats, follow friends, join communities, and even send virtual gifts. These features foster meaningful relationships between users and create a sense of community.

The rise in popularity of BeReal last year sparked competition among the biggest social media platforms to imitate their versions. TikTok launched "TikTok Now," and Instagram debuted "Candid Stories," its version of the idea. Even Snapchat adopted "Dual Camera" to avoid being left out. It begs the question of whether this is what people want as these platforms fill up with duplicate features.

Meta's product is unique in that it seeks to recreate those "genuine moments" between friends and family with a larger focus on connecting people. While all the other platforms focus on providing users with more content, BeReal aims to go deeper into what it means to be social online. It wants to give its users an experience that makes them feel connected like they're part of something larger.

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