Meta Publicly Discloses How Its Systems Target And Display Ads To Users

Meta is updating its listing which is called ‘Why Am I Seeing This Particular Ad’ feature.

The company says it wants to publicly disclose to its users why certain ads are displayed to them by the system. This includes plenty of contextual data related to ad targeting.

It was first launched in the year 2013 and since then, Facebook's parent firm has been trying to assist users to understand how the world of ad targeting functions while getting rid of rumors related to the app eavesdropping on a user’s conversations.

It also similarly hopes to guide them toward newer options related to ad controls that are being used across these platforms.

For a while now, Meta says that it has been trying to be more transparent about the whole system and how it functions in relation to ad targeting. Now, it hopes that people will get the required insight they need on why they do end up seeing a particular advertisement.

The tool can be found on the Facebook platform and from today onwards, it would be updated to show a lot of key details, Some of these include how a user’s activity both on and off the platform can affect the endeavor. Things like liking or sharing posts or pages with your friends have a lot to do with it as does the way you interact with certain content on the app. This in turn informs the app’s learning models to better shape and deliver targeted results to specific audiences.

They similarly hope to provide more graphical explanations of how a particular learning model functions and how it ends up connecting certain topics to display various ads. Meta lastly concluded by talking about how it hopes to give users a chance to easily find ad controls by accessing a tab called Ads Preferences and tools like ‘why am I seeing this’.

This is definitely a great step forward as it gives rise to more information panels that set out contextual oversight on why users are seeing ads and how their actions control what they see at the end of the day.

At the same time, it also benefits advertisers by showing them how the company’s systems display ads to its clientele. Seeing all these explainers that go into detail about how Meta’s systems works is clear proof that the company is working hard to ensure transparency for all and maximize the performance of ads through its platforms. This would also ensure more assurance is provided by the user end as they know more about how the system works.

This line of updates comes as Meta held meetings with various privacy experts regarding what it should entail in different ad listings. And as a part of the feedback that they received, calls for more transparency and information about learning models were requested. So as you can see, Meta is doing just that as its committed to acting more responsibly, the company adds.

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