Meta Makes Major Changes To Its Penalty System That Users Call ‘Facebook Jail’

It’s a decision that we feel was a long time coming but finally, Meta has opted to make changes to Facebook Jail.

The name is reserved for the platform’s penalty system which determines what the consequences should be regarding violations made by users on the app. Today, Facebook’s parent firm says it would be conducting a new reform of the system that has to do with recommendations taken from its Oversight Board. The latter is the term reserved for a regulatory system comprising of experts that overview the decisions Meta takes on all of its appeal decisions.

For a while now, this same board has set out its own concerns on how it feels this type of system can work. And it’s being labeled transparent regarding numerous decisions and even helps make the company understand when it's going in the wrong direction for a certain case.

Meta wants to make the change because it’s not happy with the way people are seeing Facebook Jail. It hopes the new reform would be for the better and would focus more on fairer rules and regulations in regard to content moderation.

This new system isn’t going to enforce any strict punishments like we’ve seen in the past. Remember those awful monthly timeouts that would stop users from publishing anything for a whole month!

It’s interesting what Meta is saying on this front. According to them, this new decision has come forward because they know that they’re not getting everything right. Hence, there is no point in punishing people to a severe extent. Now, it’s more related to giving them a chance to express their case and hence they hope this gives rise to helpful actions.

Before we forget, Meta claims there are no huge changes being done regarding this entire process of making the decision to eliminate content. But what it does hope will come out of this situation is greater transparency and better explanations for users on how the actual policy on the app works when taking violations into consideration.

In the past, Meta did shed light on how so many people used to be in Facebook Jail without even knowing what wrong they had done. And that’s just bad. Even worst than that is how a lot of people didn’t know that they were getting penalized until or unless they could no longer publish their content on the app.

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