Man Who Sold His Startup To Google Claims It Has Lost Its Way And Is Plagued By Inefficiency And Mismanagement

An ex-employee of Google is not shying away from speaking his mind about the company and how he feels it has lost its vision and purpose.

The founder who reportedly sold his startup to the Android maker says he never imagined that the company would be standing where it is today, plagued by the likes of inefficiency and mismanagement. Similarly, he highlighted that the search engine giant is now being paralyzed intensely by risk.

Praveen Seshadri says he joined the firm in 2020 when the organization took on AppSheet. The latter is an enterprise that he had co-founded.

Now, in a recently published Medium post, he says that there is no doubt about how well he was treated and given a warm welcome on board. But at the same time, he says that he felt the firm had started to go downhill and it was no longer the great organization that once functioned and.

Furthermore, he went on to argue about how this entire incident was a moment of great fragility for the company because of the great pressure it was facing from the world, thanks to Microsoft launching its AI chatbot.

According to him, the problem with Google isn’t linked to its technology but has to do with the likes of the culture at hand. And even went about highlighting the core problems in its culture.

These seem to be the natural hindrances arising due to advertisements that keep on achieving growth over the years and also disguise the sins along the way.

The problems he listed included having zero mission, no sense of urgency, a lot of delusional behavior, and the worst type of mismanagement that you could imagine.

In the same way, he adds that Google may not be doing what it was programmed to do best and that was to serve its clients in the best way possible. Instead, it’s behaving like a closed world where people that work extra don’t get rewarded. And the type of feedback one attains comes from your managers and the people you work side by side with.

Right now, Google might be more focused on taking risk more than anything else. They are trying hard to approach with a sense of caution but at the same time, that makes some staffers feel trapped.

There is a long list that must be overcome if something must get approved, not to mention a long array of legal reviews, and some meetings are carried out that eliminate any form of innovation and creativity out there.

As we witnessed in March of 2022, a survey was conducted at Google where workers spoke about how poorly the firm was doing in terms of execution. And that added to the likes of bureaucracy and bogged down the firm from staying original and innovative.

Another issue that he highlighted was the firm trying to hire way too many people at a swift pace. And that gives zero room for nurturing talent and ends up with a condition called bad hires.

In the end, he did hope an intervention would come soon to help get the firm on track.

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