Instagram Is Working On Exciting Features Including Color Filters And A Pinch Gesture For Zooming Stories

Instagram never fails in terms of giving users something exciting to rave about. Now, the versatile app is working on some exciting features that may be in the pipeline.

The news comes to us thanks to avid social media expert and enthusiast Alessandro Paluzzi who shed light on the changes via his Twitter account yesterday.

For starters, the platform is working on introducing a new color filter accessibility feature. The idea seems to be adding a unique dimension to the usual colors observed on Instagram UI and we feel it’s about time someone thought outside the box and got a little more creative in this regard. This feature will be helpful for those who are colorblind to specific colors (such as red or green) and with this setting they can adjust their screen as per their needs.

For now, there is yet to be any update on this front but we do hope to bring you more details as they’re released.

On the other, another more exciting functionality of the app seems to be a rollout by which users can zoom in on stories. It’s about time the platform thought about this in detail because Stories have been present for quite some time now and it’s one of the main reasons many logs in to the platform in the first place.

According to Paluzzi’s status, the company hopes to give users the chance to zoom in by simply pinching the screen. It’s very similar to how you can see images on the platform. Again, not a lot of details have been mentioned as it’s just a highlight of what users can expect to see soon. But it’s definitely exciting.

The famous pinch gesture will just add so much more ease and convenience to users’ lives. This is because it would be easier to discern both texts as well as details of images in a user’s story in a more up-close manner.

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