EU Enforces Harsher Online Content Rules For Tech Giants Google, Meta, And Twitter

It’s not the news that tech giants Google, Meta, and Twitter may want to hear but the reality is that all these leading enterprises will now be facing harsher online content rules, thanks to the EU.

The region’s governing body has slapped the new regulations that would soon be taken into effect. This news comes after an investigation into the number of monthly users each platform entails was conducted after the companies were asked to publish their figures on Thursday. Each of them went over and above the threshold outlined by the EU.

These new rules are known as the Digital Services Act and they’re going on to label all of those tech giants who have a following that exceeds 45 million. Such organizations are called out as being ‘very large’ platforms in the online world and hence will now be dealt with more strictly. This includes harsher obligations such as risk management and some auditing done externally and through independent means.

In the same way, such organizations must share details with authorities as well as respective researchers while adopting new codes of conduct.

Each tech giant was given a deadline period of February 17th to publish their records on the number of users seen across the platform per month. And those that fell into the very large category are now being facilitated with a four-month period to comply with such rules or face immediate risks linked to heavy fines.

Meanwhile, Twitter mentioned how it has 100 million users each month in the EU which was based on its estimates taken in the past 45 days. On the other hand, we had Google mention its fixed figures depending on two separate data. One was linked to accounts signed in and the other was linked to those signed out. And they claim on average, the figure comes out to be nearly 278 million for Google Maps.

For Google Play, the figure calculated was 274 million and for Google Search, it was 332 million. Google’s Shopping had 74 million while YouTube stood out at 401 million users.

During the start of this week, we saw Meta Platforms go into detail about how it had 255 million users on average each month across its Facebook app in the European Union. Meanwhile, Instagram stood out at 250 million based on a review carried out in the last six months of last year.

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