Android 14 is Bringing a Lot to the Table, Here’s What to Expect

The much awaited next version for the Android operating system is going to up the ante with a wide range of features. Let’s dive in to find out a few things that the updated OS is going to offer, starting with bloatware management.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Android 14 will bring a whole host of new features that will allow users to manage the amount of bloatware that is in their devices. One problem that has made it difficult to solve bloatware is the lack of a precise definition regarding what bloatware actually is.

Android 14 looks like it will be defining any app that operates in secret in the background as some form of bloatware. It will come with a Background Install control that will make it a great deal easier for users to see what forms of bloatware are active on their devices than might have been the case otherwise.

Moving on, bloatware is not the only thing that Android 14 is looking to tackle. The operating system will also be taking security and privacy to a whole other level, specifically by cracking down on the abuse of permissions on Android devices.

With the latest version of Android, any app that wants to access other parts of the phone will need to explain why exactly it needs that access in the first place. What’s more, apps that are granted permission will have only a very limited ability to exchange data between phone features, and any data that they download will be in read-only mode.

This security upgrade is useful because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up preventing apps from misusing the permissions that they have been granted. Google is clearly well aware of the numerous ways in which such things can go wrong, and it is a heartening sign that the tech juggernaut is willing to take such leaps forward in order to make things at least somewhat better than they are right now.

Ease of use is yet another priority for Google when it comes to Android 14. One of the features that might prove to be exceptionally popular for Android users will be one that allows them to clone apps.

This will allow them to have two versions of the app on their phone, and they will therefore be able to use two separate accounts on the same platform. This feature especially come in handy for WhatsApp users, but several other apps would also be improved thanks to the app cloning functionality.

And finally, the release of Android 14 will signal that Google is finally taking Dual Sim phones seriously for a change. There are already countless dual sim phones out there, but selecting a network can tend to be a real nightmare.

All of that is looking like it will start to change, with users now being given the option to switch to the most optimal network automatically. This will aid users in attaining top notch call quality with all things having been considered and taken into account.

All in all, all of these updates look rock solid. Google is clearly trying to push Android forward with the 14th version of the OS, and it will be interesting to see what the adoption rates end up looking like.

People are generally going to be excited about the features that it brings to the table, since pretty much every feature addresses a very real pain point that users have often complained about. Some of these features might even give iOS a run for its money as the constant back and forth between the operating systems continues.

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