Continuity camera-like feature is on its way for Android users

Apple’s renowned Continuity camera feature is under development for Android devices. Since 2012, Google has given users access to external webcams that can be used with either mobile phones or tablets, using these webcams for video calling. Not only this, but several third-party applications also offer services that would allow mobile phones to be used as a webcam for laptop or desktop calls.

But as per the latest reports, tech giant Google is planning to offer it as a built-in feature to their audience, a feature that works just like Apple's smartphones. Coding for this feature has already been sent to Android Open Source Project Gerrit, where it will be reviewed by engineers. The code was identified by Mishaal Rehman, an AOSP expert. According to Mishaal, Android will soon be able to offer a continuity camera-like feature that can be used on personal computers, whether Chromebooks or Macs.

With this feature on board, Android devices will be identified as having a USB video camera, which will make them compatible with several devices. The latest USB UVC-enabled file has already been created, which will be read by authorized apps only, including the main settings and gadget HAL.

Furthermore, a USB video class device driver has also been boarded on the generic kernel image. It is expected that the mentioned feature will make its debut this year with the latest Android version. However, it won’t be the first time with Android if the feature goes through several versions before reaching the goal that was originally set. Hence, if that’s the case with the feature, then it may take some time.

Those who want to use their mobile phone as a webcam without this feature, they can simply install an app that offers this service. The app needs to be installed on the mobile phone as well as the device with which the phone will be linked. Once the connection has been created, users will be able to use their Android phone as a webcam to be used either in video calls, recording lectures, or streaming.

Photo: The MobileDrop / YouTube

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