According To This Poll, Bing Chatbot Will Take Up Just 2% Of Google’s Market Share

With the craze of AI-powered technology reaching new heights, both Google and Microsoft have opted to launch their own chatbots.

The news comes after the success seen with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. While Google is yet to announce a timeline for the release of its chatbot named Bard, Microsoft is going full throttle with its new Bing Search Engine.

It has really turned into a massively popular endeavor with huge success at the App Store in terms of record-breaking downloads. A lot of people are holding great expectations with it as they’re put on a waiting list before actually being given the chance to use it.

But a recently published poll on the Twitter platform by Matt McGee is shedding light on some very interesting news. The poll asked users of the app how much market share of Google’s search engine would the new Bing Search end up taking. And most of the responses generated turned out to be less than 5%.

Yes, you heard that right. It’s actually quite interesting when you come to think of it. Moreover, there were at least 560 people who produced a response so not a lot of people did end up taking part. However, the breakdown is definitely very interesting.

60% of respondents opted for the 0 to 5% market share. On the other hand, 20% claimed the answer would be around 6 to 10%. And then 10% said it would be near 11 to 20% but then another 10% felt the answer would be greater than 20%.

The results are awfully interesting, and not what a lot of critics would probably guess. But again, the responses generated were rather low. And to just predict a change in the market based on this isn’t the best way to go about the situation.

At the same time, let’s not forget how Google is a huge search engine so at the end of it all, Bing requires just a fraction of the percentage to produce big bucks. And in case you didn’t know, the Bing Search engine is already a profitable affair for software giant Microsoft. Hence, any major increase is going to be huge for a firm like Microsoft.

What do you think? How big of an impact can Bing end up making on Google’s total market share?

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