A recent study by CIRP found where people buy the most Apple products in the US

CIRP, a research firm, recently released a study showing that most Americans buy their Apple products through mobile/telecom carriers rather than directly from the store itself.

The Apple Store has long been the preferred option for consumers purchasing brand-new iPhones and iPads. Nonetheless, carriers are a newcomer to the scene. According to the data, 25% of iPhone sales appear to be made directly by customers, while 67% of iPad and Mac purchases appear to have come from carriers. Purchases made through the Apple Store app or online sales accounted for the remaining funds.

Apple has the best-selling power in the industry since it has successfully attracted retail and carrier customers. This news is sure to be thrilling for everyone who shops at carriers instead of going directly to an Apple store. Apple has always been on top as popular devices go, but its leader needs to be stronger this time. According to CIRP's study, Amazon is now breathing down Apple Store's neck when selling iOS products such iPads and Macs, with a staggering 23% of sales! Best Buy scored 16%, followed by Target & Walmart, which are giving the tech giant severe competition in this device market race!

Apple will likely re-evaluate its strategy to ensure they continue dominating the market and remain ahead of its competitors. It could mean expanding their reach further and making it easier for customers to purchase iOS devices from other sources besides their stores & sites. One thing is clear, though – there's a lot of competition out there, and Apple needs to be careful if they want to stay at the top. In addition to retail outlets, Apple has ramped up its online presence recently. For example, the launch of the Apple Store Online was a significant milestone for the tech giant as it marked its foray into e-commerce. With this move, Apple has reached a much wider audience and increased sales significantly. It is an area that could be further explored in the coming years as Apple looks to diversify its product portfolio & revenue streams.
Apple relies significantly on the assistance and support of independent shops while having a successful retail company. It is clear from the fact that 61% of Mac items are bought outside Best Buy and Amazon, with other retailers coming in at 23%. While Apple has excelled in many areas, such as producing excellent products, its success primarily depends on its reliable network of partners to get those purchases into customers' hands. It has made it possible for Apple to expand even in the age of digital technology. It shouldn't be shocking, though, as Macs remain one of Apple's best-selling goods even when ordered from third parties as opposed to the firm directly.

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