Wikipedia Says It Should Be Given An Exception In The Online Safety Bill

Wikipedia is the name given to an online encyclopedia that’s entirely written as well as edited by so many volunteers from all over the globe.

The company’s leading member is raising his voice against the Online Safety Bill and how he feels the organization must be granted an exception as it’s all set to make some proposed changes.

The Wikimedia Foundation has a clear stance on how such moves would reduce freedom of expression. This bill is designed to protect online users from different types of harmful content seen online. And since it’s a not-for-profit company that hosts the whole encyclopedia, there are growing concerns about the effects it’s going to have on the likes of all of its sites that are run by volunteers.

Speaking to the BBC for a recent sit-down interview, she mentioned how this particular foundation would be incorrectly punished due to the actions of others and since the website is one of great public interest, it does not make sense as to why it should be involved in the ordeal.

Many do feel it’s high time that the new law follows in the footsteps of the EU Digital Services Act which differentiates the website's own style of moderation by its volunteers from that conducted by employees hired for this purpose. But the Government has informed the BBC that this bill is created to achieve a balance between the likes of overcoming harm without the need to impose massive burdens across companies that are categorized as low risk.

Ofcom will be taking a more reasonable and dedicated approach to make sure appropriate monitoring and new safety rule implementation occurs in this bill and that means focusing on the likes of things that it feels has the greatest risk.

How exactly such a site is dealt with under this new bill will totally be linked to its size. But some lawyers are now pointing out how some duties outlined in this bill are reining in on big technology and that would affect smaller services where people can communicate with others.

Remember, all this news comes in the light of 50 Tory MPs wanting to make some major changes to this Online Safety Bill. They wish to allot two-year jail sentences to managers that fail to prevent kids from seeing explicit and abusive content that’s far from age appropriate.

So what benefit will Wikipedia attain from the bill being limited to big tech giants that have turnovers worth more than a few million pounds? Experts feel it’s great news for both hobbyists as well as volunteers.

Remember, in the United Kingdom, Wikipedia ranks number eight in terms of the most visited website. But since all things on it are set out by volunteers, it’s the community that ends up deciding what is right and what’s not.

The company feels it’s now in the middle of a chaotic situation where it’s stuck between the likes of tech giants such as Instagram and even Facebook. Here, all decisions end up being centralized.

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