Google Could Soon Launch A Tracker That’s Very Similar To Apple’s AirTag

When it comes down to the smartphone ecosystem, everyone is very quick to compare devices arising from Google Pixel to that of Apple and its best-selling iPhones. But where do the accessories come into place?

Both tech giants are known to sell a lot of such stuff on a separate basis. We’re talking about the likes of earbuds and even smart speakers. But then in 2021, we got a surprise in the form of AirTag trackers.

A rumor is going as far as making claims that search engine giant Google may be busy developing a tracker device that’s awfully similar to Apple’s AirTags. The latter is the name reserved for wireless trackers.

Certainly, such modern-day inventions are nothing new and there are firms like Tile who have been busy at work in terms of developing such accessories by the masses. Let’s not forget how the leading tech giant from South Korea, Samsung also joined the bandwagon and launched a modern-day gadget called SmartTags. But as the old saying goes, it was Apple who led the way and inspired others to do the same. It does make sense as the tech giant is a known leader for obvious reasons.

Why is it that only when Apple gets involved do we see anyone pay close attention? But thanks to one social media expert, there are reports about Google’s Fast Pair working hard to provide support for the new locator tag for devices. As it is, existing evidence has gone about pointing out how they’ve started work on the leading tracking network that’s awfully similar to what tech giant Apple puts forward on its AirTags.

The company is providing support to the new locator tag device. As it is, so much evidence is available that shows work on the tracking network that is quite like Apple and the branding being talked about is called Finder Network.

Meanwhile, another social media enthusiast says the team at Google Nest was working on the device that came with a codename of grogu or GR10 and that would provide support for the related technology in question. There would be small-sized internal speakers and these would be designed in an array of hues. But that’s all the news we have so far linked to the hardware and design.

There is little information on what Google’s final launch would include and if confirmation does happen, it would come during this year’s first half. Any release plans would ensue alongside the release of Pixel 8, more than anything else that Google is planning.

But we can’t ignore the mega dangers or disadvantages linked to privacy nightmares that Apple’s AirTags came with. We might have to think a little extra hard about the drawbacks involved before getting too carried away and excited about the release. We are also seeing some protective measures in place that could be a smart move for the likes of tech giant Google and that’s why it’s going to take precious time before a launch.

H/T: Kuba Wojciechowski

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