Whatsapp is working on a new feature to let users share voice notes in their status updates

WhatsApp is used by many people around the world to stay in touch with and communicate with their loved ones. The app helped people get through the tough times of the past 3 years that had confined everyone to their homes. But like every app, WhatsApp also needs updates to help it stay updated with the trends and to keep the interest of users with features that help them and make using the app easier.

Such is this feature that the beta updates are being rolled out by WhatsApp for a certain group of people for now. This feature will make it possible for users to share a voice note as a part of their status update that will be available to a certain group if the user’s contacts can be changed within the privacy settings. This feature was first mentioned while it was still in development but for +some lucky beta testers who have downloaded the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update from the Google Play Store, this feature is already available to them.

According to a screenshot posted by WABetainfo, some users can now share a voice note in their status update by just using the button within the text status section, if it has been enabled. This feature also helps users have more control over the updates that they share by giving users the opportunity to discard a voice note before sharing it. But one drawback of this feature is that the maximum recording amount is just 30 seconds and the people without this version of WhatsApp will not be able to access the voice note or listen to it even if it is shared by a contact on their status.

Even though it is only available for a certain group of users right now it will soon start rolling out to other users after it has been perfected.

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