What Is The Biggest Risk To Your Business’s Technical SEO Success In 2023? This Study Says It All

The world of technical SEO is not as clear-cut as most of us may have imagined. And if you’re on the lookout for ways to make your firm stand out among all others through this means, then this is for you.

A new study highlights the biggest threat to a firm’s technical SEO progress for this year and you may want to note down some pointers, straight from the experts.

Google has made plenty of formal announcements and they’ve had some major impact on the lines of business as well as plans to conduct tech SEO. But when surveyed, only 53% mentioned how they’re actually thinking about altering the whole SEO roadmap depending on changes made by Google itself.

Aira which happens to be a digital marketing agency, alongside Women in Tech SEO mentioned their research findings via a report called the State of Technical SEO for the year 2023. Here is where 28% of individuals were caught mentioning how deprivation of certain resources turned out to be a huge risk and challenge that most firms face daily. This information ranges from all sorts of tools as well as procedures to even processes involved with the respective search visibility.

Up on the list next in terms of the considerable risk as well as obstacle seen as technical debt. This was soon followed up by a decrease in buy-ins and a lack of authority too, which both stood at 23% of the people surveyed.

They were seen citing some major technical debts and that was soon followed by the likes of current risks arising at this point in time and then huge risks in the future with issues linked to quote migration.

Lack of clear-cut guidance from Google stood at 5% while a complete lack of SEO and A/B testing came in at 4%. As far as which metric was the most effective tool for measuring things like SEO performance, the answer was 42% in terms of organic traffic while a staggering 37% mentioned conversions had something to do with it. And then 14% claim it was rankings.

Then we had the likes of visibility, indexability, and even bounce rates come up next with a fraction of the single-digit percentage. Therefore, the research claims that while you plan on setting up some clear-cut expectations, it might take a bit of time for the world of technical SEO to alter and have an effect on traffic.

Then 46% of technical SEOs claim that it may end up taking a staggering 3 months to witness the effect on traffic. Meanwhile, around 30% of the respondents were confident that 6 months would be the target timeframe and 10% claimed it might take a few months or even more than that. Interestingly, just 1% claimed that it might take as long as a week.

In terms of ranking how effective SEO performance was, experts felt organic traffic, ranking, search visibility, timing on the website, leads, and the respective bounce rates had something to do with it.

In the world of technical SEO, Google’s Search Console stood as the top favorite tool and was used by the majority. Moreover, 92% mentioned how they liked using it and added how reliable it was. Next in line was Screaming Frog which stood at 86% and then SEMrush came in next at 63%. After that, it was Aherfs and then the Screaming Frog Log File Analysers at 35%, and then Yoast SEO and Big Webmaster Tool stood at 30%.

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