Volume Of Google Searches For Excuses To Skip Work Are At An All-Time High, Proves New Study

There can be nothing better than skipping a full day’s worth of work for any employee. After all, who doesn’t love holidays right?

A new study is taking into consideration the number of Google Searches conducted by online users as excuses to skip work. And it’s appalling to see how it currently stands at an all-time high. Moreover, such searches have really gone high, when the results from the last two years were considered.

The news comes to us by Fortune reporting how The Great Resignation provides there are no signs of this slowing down. So when we do look at it from the perspective of going back to the office, well, it’s not very surprising after all as more and more workers are looking for ways to miss out on work in bigger figures.

When it came down to the top 10 most famous search terms, the search volume did increase by nearly 630% during the years 2018 to 2022.

Putting such data in perspective and using insight from experts, the study combined the results of the 10 most famous searches on Google that arose in the past 5 years, along with tips on how a firm can keep employees engaged so they don’t wish to get excuses to skip work.

It’s definitely interesting, to say the least. The volumes are jumping in an upward manner since 2021 and there doesn’t seem to be a trend of it slowing down either. But it does coincide with the fact that more and more people are getting back to working at the office. Remember, the pandemic gave rise to remote working. But now, people are getting back indoors at the office space.

So what does this trend tell us? Well, it has certainly not been an easy transition to get back on track. It’s a clear indication of people being reluctant to go forward for a healthy tomorrow.

Experts feel the solution to rid of such a feeling is getting insights from wellness coaches. The latter feel communication is key here and working toward de-stigmatizing being absent at the office space is key.

Those people that are working to look for more and more excuses to miss work are more likely to not have supervisors or perhaps they’re not working in an organized culture. The latter is where they can’t feel free to take time off without meeting new challenges or being ridiculed.

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