Video Accounts For 65% Of All Internet Traffic, New Study Proves

A new study by Sandvine is shedding light on an ongoing trend. This is related to how much video content is raging in the tech world, accounting for nearly 65% of all the traffic currently seen on the internet.

Data usage from such prominent video websites showed a great 24% YoY increase.

This particular report showcased information from around 177 service providers that were witnessed in various places around the world. Moreover, such a breakdown of internet usage showcases several leading tech giant firms such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Apple, and Amazon. These account for half of the traffic coming in. And if we had to outline the leaders, it would be both Google and Netflix that really do end up consuming the majority of the bandwidth.

In one recently published statement, one researcher at Sandvine called out the video as being an integral component of conferencing, messaging, socializing, and gaming. He also mentioned how the traffic spike witnessed during the COVID-19 era is actually now a new normal that’s linked to bandwidth usage.

This rapid acceleration for digitalization has caused a major reliance upon the likes of apps with a huge evolution toward sophisticated platforms that combine several functions with features.

It’s all very interesting because streaming videos were already seen as a major source of web traffic before the pandemic struck. And that sort of category share is just growing as all service providers need to figure out how they plan on witnessing a growing appetite for the likes of data.

The firm’s CTO says that many telecom firms are predicted to attain regulatory relief as the demand from the consumers’ side isn’t coming slow.

More details can be taken from the Sandvine report which includes a complete breakdown of how trends regarding internet usage changed in 2022.

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