Two-Thirds Of Consumers Will Abandon Apps Or Sites Offering Poor Performance As Per This Study

There is no doubt about the fact that eCommerce is flourishing in today’s modern tech world. People can now shop online with ease and make transactions with the click of a button. It’s as simple as that, not to mention safe, reliable, and quick too.

But a new study has gone on to show that if and when an app or mobile site fails to perform, consumers will surely not return.

Around 55% of respondents mentioned how a good customer experience goes a long way in their books. And if they do end up with problems, you just might not be seeing them make a return to that certain app again.

This is clear proof that hassle-free digital experiences are the call of the day. The news comes to us thanks to intelligence data from Fullstory. It says clients are all set to go that extra mile to reward people who deliver a great experience by making sure they return and order more. As the old saying goes, a happy shopper is a permanent shopper.

In the same way, the study has gone on to prove how customers really do care about the entire in-app experience more than the actual brand name itself.

The survey entailed a staggering 7,000 shoppers whose findings were quite interesting. 44% mentioned they’re not a fan of the location of shopping, provided it works. Meanwhile, a good 42% of marketers spoke about keeping customer loyalty as the secret to success but that might be declining this year as per stats linked to user spending habits.

It has been declared to be super important that a brand’s experience through its app is perfect if it wants to build a great reputation and see success. It’s all about functionality.

In case you’re wondering which part really frustrates shoppers the most, well, the answer has to do with slow-paced times for loading applications as well as websites when they’re making online purchases.

Around 63% are likely to get frustrated with ease due to errors observed while loading. Other issues that cause users to abandon their carts include dead links, poorly designed forms that don’t function when inputs are added, and also glitches made across pages.

As a whole, the top frustrations seen among various app and mobile shoppers have to do with transactions that take a really long time. Nobody has time to waste on such behavior and 76% of respondents say that most online experiences have left them beyond disappointed and feeling awfully stressed.

Without a doubt, some apps faired much better than others. For instance, those linked to the world of retail had 50% of individuals calling their experience smooth and simple as compared to the likes of travel applications. In the same way, other app categories that didn’t perform too well with users included the likes of healthcare and grocery shopping and that’s why the owners really need to rethink their strategy if they wish to survive in today’s competitive market.

So, how can the overall experience of users be improved? Well, around 65% of users were likely to abandon their whole transactions as they felt frustrated. Then we had a good 55% of respondents mention that they’re not going to be coming back with the general digital experience was not good. This calls for a quick need for change.

To win back clients, glitch-free digital experiences are key. Remember, it does not take long for any customer to switch to another brand as tolerance in such circumstances seems to be at an all-time low.

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