Users On TikTok Can Now Receive Direct Messages From Anyone

Social media giant TikTok is following in the footsteps of Instagram with its recent rollout of direct messages.

Now, users on the platform are getting the chance to receive DMs from anyone and everyone as a part of its drive to go above and beyond just video content. Clearly, the app is catching up with so many other platforms in different ways and this recent launch appears to be the best example of the news.

For all of those users who may be unfamiliar with what we’re referring to, the platform is already offering DM offerings on the platform. However, the feature is only useful for those that continue to follow themselves on the app.

Now, new reports from The Information prove how TikTok is altering this with the likes of a new option that enables users to open up their inboxes for everyone.

While the offering is clearly not new, it first came about in November of 2022 but the only difference is that it was restricted to a few users. Now, the new email that was sent out by the platform says it’s up for grabs for the masses.

Now, users don’t need to solely send out messages to just their friends. They can send DMs to anyone that opts to leave their inbox open for the public.
For now, this new offering is arising as an optional rollout. But users may opt to continually get texts from those mutual followers and recommended users as seen before. In such cases, this rollout would solely rely on the likes of synced contacts or even friends across Facebook.

With such a feature, the app wants users to make sure more and more people can carry on sharing videos with other people on the app through direct means instead of making use of another social media platform.

Similarly, this ensures the network continues to reign supreme and is a step above all others as this app had received plenty of attention in recent times. And that’s true despite it being focused solely on videos.

Meanwhile, another very interesting report has to do with the likes of TikTok making efforts to try and become a little more like Instagram but the latter going in the opposite direction.

As mentioned by CEO Adam Mosseri, the platform seems to be too focused on the likes of video content, and since it was launched as being solely restricted to images.

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