Musk’s Takeover Of Twitter Has Caused A Massive Rise In Hate Speech Across The App’s Largest Markets

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover has come about with plenty of drama, not to mention the massive increase in hate speech.

So many religious as well as ethnic minorities have been affected and the biggest impact was seen in the company’s most influential markets that are located outside the US and are now beginning to wreak havoc across the physical world as well.

The news comes to us thanks to employees working as well as those who resigned from the firm. They studied the issue and drew some interesting conclusions.

Musk ended up firing or even accepting plenty of resignations from three-fourths of the app’s workforce since he took over toward the end of October. Similarly, we saw him ending the contracts of thousands of contractors that were keeping a check on content moderation. From slurs and threats, they looked at it all.

And the major cuts happened to have occurred in places outside North America where nearly 75% of the firm’s 280 million daily users were live and that’s where the app entailed several moderators that understood local languages and some major cultural references. It’s also where you can find political landscapes creating chaos and wreaking havoc, being more prone to the likes of violence too.
The document also showed how Twitter can no longer afford to be the world’s most influential website. It’s a bitter reality that has been backed up by the likes of stats that paint a not-so-pretty picture.

Remember, Elon Musk brought back thousands of controversial accounts that had been banned, and that entailed those that were suspended. They marketed the likes of hate as well as violence and misinformation was also running at an all-time high. These went on to interact further with accounts linked to far-right supporting profiles.

Taking advantage of it all and sensing some sort of opportunity across the board, many political operatives as well as those in search of profits were rushing to occupy the vacuum which resulted after a giant drop in content moderation services on the app.

The site’s tenor has altered with time, especially in leading markets including the likes of Japan and that’s where you’ll find around 59 million users gaining access to the website. Then we had markets like India and Brazil too where such effects like hikes in unmoderated content. This is what assisted in fueling the attacks conducted this month on the nation’s government center.
Even in the world, we know as English-speaking, the tone of the Twitter app has really become super rough, as per those sources that were provided with the task of keeping a check on the site.

Many critics are calling out Elon Musk and arguing how his disintegration of the app’s safety team and some major flaws in moderation is really affecting such trends. Moreover, this is clear proof that Elon Musk’s statements about the decline in hate speech are clearly blown out of proportion. Some say it’s actually the opposite of the picture painted by Musk, and that means the trend is seeing an upward increase.


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