Apple Users Stunned After New Footage Shows iPhone Catching On Fire After Charging Overnight

A new video has left a lot of people stunned after dramatic footage featuring a decade-old iPhone caught on fire.

It was reported that the device was kept for charging as per the user’s routine overnight schedule but this time around, it didn’t quite go as planned. But miraculously, despite the mega explosion, it has been confirmed that no one was injured in the act and with time, the fire was eventually extinguished.

The footage is certainly alarming as it took place during the later hours of the night as the family continued to sleep in peace, not knowing of the destruction taking place on their premises.

The incident reportedly arose with the iPhone 4 variant that was first launched a good 12 years back. Hence, if you happen to own the latest variant of the iPhone series, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

But without any doubt, such an incident is highlighting the significance of different factors that could end up causing phone batteries to burst into flames.

More personal details of the incident went public after the phone’s owner who hails from Ohio spoke on the matter. Creating a post through their personal account on Facebook, Brian and Jennifer Leisgang claim that the footage was caught on camera thanks to one of their Google Home products that are placed there in the kitchen.

Similarly, the family goes on to detail how blessed and lucky they are to have averted a huge disaster in the form of a house fire. They say the little kids were charging their old iPhone devices using the Apple Charger. And it first exploded and then went ablaze in the kitchen while everyone was asleep.

They’re so relieved that their countertops were cleared as they underwent cleaning last night. On a usual basis, it’s covered with plenty of clutter including papers and school books from that area.

Tiny remnants of the device and black soot were retrieved during the early hours of the morning, then mentioned. Meanwhile, as one person can expect, batteries containing lithium ions are very common in the world of electronics. But such fires linked to batteries are quite rarely stumbled upon.

Experts believe certain conditions need to be highlighted linked to rechargeable batteries that tend to overheat and burn. And such common causes include the likes of getting exposed to fire and experiencing damage due to a puncture. In some cases, a defect from the side of the manufacturer is also seen.

With that said, this particular iPhone incident may have arisen due to a few reasons. Firstly, low-priced chargers are often blamed for starting fires. Even though the charger’s cable wire seems pretty decent, you never know what’s taking place internally.

Next, another major contributing factor could be the device’s old age. While older versions of this device don’t raise the risks linked to fires, it’s crucial to take care of batteries. A device from Apple that’s more than a decade old would probably be having replacement batteries or perhaps is living on chargers to ensure they remain powered.

Secondly, experts do recommend keeping an eye on aging batteries that are linked to chargers. They tend to cause the battery to overheat and overcharge. A replacement is definitely needed and that needs to undergo care. By relying on the likes of Apple’s Authorized Service Provider, experts feel they’ll be in the best of hands and be provided guidance. Let’s not forget how this is great in terms of the use of genuine or authentic parts.

Lastly, bulging batteries or those that are swollen should be replaced immediately as they entail a gas that could make it catch on fire.

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