Twitter Tests Virtual Gifting Option As New Monetization Opportunity For Creators

Thanks to Elon Musk’s radical decision-making skills on Twitter, it’s sometimes really hard to differentiate which projects on the app are being abandoned and which have been given the green light.

But there is one that appears to be gaining great progress and this arises in the form of a new opportunity for monetization for creators.

The news comes to us thanks to the likes of leading app researcher Jane Manchun Wong who claims Twitter is working hard at developing a feature that comprises a virtual gifting option. This ends up giving new stickers that users may purchase and give out to others when their tweets are good.

As can be witnessed in this particular image, Twitter is creating a range of emoji awards that users can purchase for different amounts. You can then gift this as an award to others who can convert it into cash, later on. This concept is really straightforward and not something too new or unique.

Think of it as being similar to the likes of Facebook’s virtual gifts and these are purchasable through stars which happens to be the app’s own currency. This way, you get the chance to donate money to creators that you feel are doing a great job. Moreover, the app also has its own super stickers that help with the same. TikTok has an option for live gifts while Reddit has different gifting options comprising stickers.

But is that really going to work out well for the likes of Twitter is a question on many people’s minds.

Creators are definitely taking inspiration from all types of platforms seen today. Hence, if it does appear to work on one platform, it might work on the next, to a greater or lesser degree. And some individuals may balk at the thought of cluttering Twitter Feeds with emoji-style characters.

After all, if someone is using them then it’s bound to provide more avenues for the app to produce incremental revenue of a new kind. And in case you don’t like it, well, you don’t have to make use of it.

In some scenarios, this does appear to be working out well in Twitter’s favor as it sends out new reasons to conduct such donations, thanks to a new focus on brevity. But Elon Musk is also seen flagging video uploads that are longer in duration and a similarly themed monetization strategy as witnessed on the YouTube platform. He really means business and wants to attract more creators now than ever.

Hence, for this reason, awards do make sense as it aligns with Musk’s thinking. Twitter has been a part of re-treads and re-hashes of experiments seen from the past so when you look at things from that light, it’s making sense.

We do hope the launch happens soon as it definitely looks promising to us, especially when you are using the likes of limited resources for engineering to bring on sustained development.

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