Twitter Teams Up With Top Advertising Firms DoubleVerify And IAS Amid Declining Ad Revenue

Twitter’s current financial situation is far from where the company would ever want it to be. There is a massive decline in revenue thanks to decreased ad spending by the platform’s leading advertising partners.

But despite the very grim situation and plenty of advertisers pulling the plug due to uncertainly linked to Musk’s takeover, there is some sort of positivity coming forward. The company mentioned today how it teamed up with the likes of DoubleVerify and IAS.

The decision to do so is to better keep advertisers informed about if their ads are put near inappropriate content. Moreover, such a program is currently available on a first-hand basis for American ad campaigns and it enables brands to better understand the various types of content near tweets and below the ads. This also includes the likes of promoted tweets on the app.

Twitter now claims how so many brands are running such campaigns and with this new feature in place, it hopes to give more insights to them on what’s going on regarding their advertisements. So many firms can end up using Twitter’s adjacent control tools to better tune campaigns so keywords are filtered.

DoubleVerify and even IAS mentioned how such solutions in terms of tweet scanning would cover the timeline belonging to Twitter Home. And after that, it would expand the profile and look for search placements.

Other than that, the company has big plans to address matters like concerns linked to brand safety. It’s a new system that has huge aims needed to provide suitable scores for businesses. In this manner, they can better see how ads are getting shown, right next to the tweets. This provides insight into what may not be going well with a business’s image.

Let’s take an electronic brand for instance. It just might now wish for the ad to pop up near tweets mentioning topics like e-waste.

A recent call made with Tech Crunch saw the firm’s VP state how DoubleVerify is on the lookout for tweets both pre and post an ad is launched. It also hopes to classify this as per the firm’s own settings for safety and suitability. In the end, it’s great to see this give great insights into how ads pop up on the Twitter platform.

The companies do hope to see Twitter promote the partnership in its own manner so that various advertisers are better aware of what’s going on in terms of such a service. But for now, it’s not quite clear how such a social media app will present this all.

As mentioned by the company’s head for brand safety, Twitter stays committed to its long-term goal of giving users a safe advertising experience that looks out for the best interest of both people and businesses. It’s this commitment that they feel can’t get stronger.

Validation for such a context where ads continue to serve the industry’s standards is definitely a priority for Twitter and its clients, the firm claims.

Both companies involved will now get access to data in real-time through Twitter as it measures the results for such ads. The news follows the app’s crackdown against third-party platforms signaling Twitter as a company focusing more on developer initiatives that generate more income for the company.

The long-term plans of Twitter are plenty but as far as the near term is concerned, this might be a great step to ward off all the negative insights that advertisers may have about the app. The actual solution does seem to be getting advertisers back on board to avert this current financial crisis.

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