Google Meet Announces New Improvements For Users When Sharing Files

It’s only been a week since search engine giant Google announced useful interoperability features for its Meet and Zoom clients. They highlighted how the goal was to better the user experience across the entire platform.

Now, the company is rolling out some more benefits for its Meet users that they can benefit from when they share files.

The tech giant says two of the changes are in place to provide access to easy sharing for different types of content on Google Meet. For starters, the firm is designed to enable users to put forward and share ideas with those attending its meetings. This may entail those seen across the likes of Calendar guest lists arising from Google Meet.

On the other hand, it may entail users sharing links seen in chat boxes. They can simply gain access to it through file access dialogue boxes while adding files to calendars.

Those presenting at meetings will notice how they can share some files through the likes of suggestions seen in the Meet Chat. Another option would be to click on action menus seen floating around across users’ screens. Whenever files get presented, attendees get notifications with links for the file observed on Google Meeting conversations.

The tech giant recently went public with the news through a blog post feature that spoke about how it continues to keep so many audience members engaged. Through the likes of direct shares on Meet, users can directly present content without the need to switch to other windows to enable access. This may be a little disruptive and it could make it simpler when meeting attendees that follow through with a presentation and end up referencing or finding content at a later point in time.

For now, there is no news on the likes of Admin control for such features. But we may see it getting available via default to all end users soon. The offering may start to roll out to places like Rapid Release Domains starting today.

But all the scheduled Release Domains would be up for grabs starting the middle of next month. Google Workspace and even the likes of Legacy G Suite Business and Basic users would soon gain access to this rollout soon.

So we do recommend keeping an eye out for the anticipated release.

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