Twitter Rolls Out New Updates Including Tweet Translations And New Contributors For Community Notes

Changes on the Twitter app are coming at full speed as the company was recently seen launching several new upgrades worth a mention.

For starters, the platform is rolling out tweet translations so the platform receives love and support from people of different races and nationalities.

Musk was quick to announce the news via a recent tweet where he says that very soon, the app is going to be translating and recommending tweets from users situated in different parts of the world. The goal is to allow for a more cultural approach.

On Saturday, Elon Musk mentioned how there are so many fabulous types of tweets arising from various locations around the globe. He put special emphasis on Japan and said he can’t wait to have such content recommended to all. But before being put in front of users, the content would be translated.

Other updates highlighted by Elon Musk include features that prevent users to keep switching back and forth between recommended Tweets. Twitter is similarly rolling out pinned lists to better improve the user’s overall Twitter experience.

Twitter is even revamping its bookmark display option. It’s interesting how this was a change Elon Musk had requested as a key fix. He claims this is one great way to boost in-app engagement and hence wants it sorted out soon.

The bookmark button can now be visible at the bottom of the function display when a certain tweet is expanded. This would enable more users to make use of this option, which Musk likes to refer to as silent likes, and a boost for engagement.

Just some time ago, we saw Elon Musk mention how the bookmark feature had been disguised by the likes of obscured UI. Hence, it’s like saying users failed to even know that such a feature existed in the first place.

The value of bookmarks is that it provides a means through which you can interact with them as it’s interesting, although you may not exactly love them.

So a heart could be replaced by the like of a bookmark which Elon Musk feels is the best way to gather information on how a user really feels about a particular tweet. It can even be flagged for future reference.

This is not the first time that we’ve heard of such news. Elon Musk has mentioned time and time again how strongly he feels about bookmarks and now, they’ll be counted as a silent like for a user’s post.

Both community notes and verification ticks are denoted as valuable techniques for user engagement on this platform. And we do see where Elon Musk may be coming from. It’s great in terms of being relevant for metric consideration.

Last but not least, the platform has opted to admit creators from different nations for Twitter’s Community Notes. The company wishes to hire contributors hailing from Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

The company says it really wants to expand the Community base by 10% and for that, they’re willing to take this step.

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