Twitter Rolls Out Its Annual Blue Package At Discounted Rates And Updates Its Tweet View Count Display

As the old saying goes, desperate times call out for desperate measures. And that appears to be the case in this scenario for Twitter.

The company is trying to generate more revenue by offering its annual Blue package at a discounted rate. And the company could really make use of the funds, considering its current dire economic situation.

Ever since billionaire Elon Musk became the firm’s head he has outlined how his top priority has been linked to bettering its subscription business. This is through the likes of releasing a revamped package of its Twitter Blue. This provides verified checkmarks and even ends up reducing ads while adding preferential treatment via its algorithm.

The subscription can only be made through the likes of iOS or the world wide web and it’s now offering discounted rates for yearly subscriptions for all the clients too. So you can opt for the $8 instead of the usual $11 price tag for iOS which tends to alter, thanks to Elon Musk’s 30% consumer fee.

If you wish to add some extra money at the nearest date, the annual subscription would be up for grabs at just $84 a year and you’ll end up saving a little more than 12% when paying for it. If you’re on iOS, that’s a staggering 36% over the usual. So as you can tell, the savings are plenty.
It’s not even clear if Apple would even care if Twitter does manage to benefit and make its way up this ladder. But that doesn’t mean the news is going unnoticed by the firm. They’re busy making sure the company is aware of the exceptions outlined in the guidelines for the App Store.

Both reader apps, as well as multiplatform services, could enable you to log in to a subscription that you already bought somewhere else without releasing a fee to the iPhone maker.

The company’s new purchase option was highlighted on its support page today but no other major changes were seen at the moment. It does not matter if you make the purchase on a monthly basis or buy it each year, you simply need to verify the phone number to make sure it happens.

On the other hand, the company was observed launching an update for its tweet view count displays.

The app’s chief had mentioned in the past how this would be a great way to have more users engage on the platform and hence was very keen on its release.

Just last month, we saw the firm roll out a new tweet view counter that was displayed on posts to see stats like the reach and how much exposure was being generated on such content.

While some claim it’s a great way that provides more insight, others offer intense criticism on how it may end up top billing based on view counts. This may further hinder the likes of messing up display for the app’s metrics.

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