Twitter Reduces The Number Of Recommended Tweets From Users’ Main Feed

If you’re not a fan of seeing recommended tweets on the Twitter app’s main feed, this next piece of news is just for you.

A lot of users have been complaining about the great amount of clutter and recommendations arising on various profiles that you might not be following at this point in time. It’s happening more now than ever.

But you are not alone, as the activity regarding such recommendations on Twitter has been increasing more now than before. Now, as per Elon Musk’s instructions, you can say hello to the likes of a reduction in the sudden rise of recommendations.

Twitter allowed users to side-swipe away the ‘following’ feed as a license to begin adding more and more tweets additions. If you do not like them, you can go about switching your feed when a recommendation comes your way that you’re not a fan of.

It’s bound to keep you engaged for days for a while or perhaps even longer, depending on the people you’re following.

Musk says this sudden scaleback has to do with decreased engagement as it keeps dropping due to a rise in recommendations that really impacts all sorts of accounts. The goal is to follow in the footsteps of the leading social media app TikTok which is respectfully leading in this particular direction.

People are going to be fed what is trending in the world of tweets and then use that for engagement on the main feed. This assists with spending more time and making things more valuable on the platform.

As a part of the respective expansion, he would like the app’s algorithm to be optimized for the likes of positivity and a pleasurable experience on the platform. Moreover, users would also be shown more tweets through the likes of political themes to broaden both understandings while enjoying the engagement.

The biggest challenge that the firm is facing at this moment in time is tweet recommendations being scattered across the board. The algorithms for these aren’t too great.

There’s a huge dilemma involved and why such tweets are getting scattered has to do with algorithms that are not well designed. These topics that Twitter puts forward in terms of recommendations sometimes are all over the place and people are not keen on seeing what the app feels is interesting to them.

We also note the algorithm tends to be super sensitive to some types of engagement with the likes of celebs and sports stars. If you like to click on NFL tweets, you’re bound to see more similar content. This is just how the system is designed.

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