Apple Is Working On New Smart Home Projects In A Bid To Compete Against Google And Amazon

Leading iPhone maker Apple is making big plans to take over users’ homes and their money.

The company is focusing more on smart home projects and that means it’s bound to give archrivals like Google and Amazon a tough run for their money. These are big names in the industry and Apple entering the race means fierce competition to take center stage.

But the news is great for Apple fans as we’re looking at MacBook Pro laptops, HomePods, and Mac Mini.

In the past, it appeared as if Apple was done with the likes of releasing new hardware but this seems to be a rumor that’s far from reality as reports suggest it has new ambitions in this particular segment.

The news comes to us thanks to Bloomberg who claims that the firm is slowly but surely building on the likes of new product lineups that entail a wide array of speakers as well as smart home displays.

Therefore, the tech giant has been showing a lot of interest as well as aggressiveness in this particular product category. But the same goes for Google which says its Pixel Tablet would be doubling as a smart home display.

But what exactly is this tech giant working on in terms of home products? This has to do with a greater focus on smart displays that many deem to be iPads. Moreover, these appear to be features like touch controls, lights, and other related products.

The products can also handle calls through the likes of FaceTime. The smart part about this is that such goods and services can get mounted and you end up moving displays with ease. Other than that, Apple seems to be venturing into the likes of large smart home displays.

Additionally, the firm appears to be working on new versions of the Apple TV devices that would be arriving around next year.

The device has a similar design to the current model in place but would soon be upgraded internally. Some reports have gone as far as mentioning how there are integrated cameras with speakers and that appears to be undergoing an upgrade too.

While the tech giant is offering some awesome products, it really has a lot of work cut out for itself right now as it’s competing with the best of the best, which is Google and Amazon.

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