The List For Downloaded Apps December 2022 And the List of Apps With the Most Revenue in December 2022 is Here

Ranking the most downloaded apps in December 2022, TikTok has once again come to the first spot. TikTok was downloaded on almost 600 million new devices in 2022 alone which says a lot about how people love consuimg short-form content. However, as the app is banned in India, Instagram got the second spot overall. Instagram was the most downloaded app in Google Play in December 2022 with 36 million downloads. TikTok only ranked as the most downloaded app on Google Play Store in June 2022 and now it has gotten the third spot after Facebook. CapCut, a video editing app, was the third most downloaded app in December 2022, where it took the second spot on IOS App Store and fourth spot on Google Play Store's most downloaded apps list.

Overall, Facebook and WhatsApp took fourth and fifth spots as the most downloaded apps in December 2022. The top ten most downloaded apps in the world in December 2022 had 319 million downloads in total, which is much lower than in November 2022. Maybe it's because December was the holiday season and everyone was too busy with their families and stuff.

If we talk about the highest-earning apps on Play Store and App Store, TikTok still got the first spot with $55 million in revenue. It got $52 million just from IOS App Store while $3 million from the Play Store. Lite and regional versions of the app were also included in its revenue. Youtube came in the second spot with $50 million in revenue in December 2022, just from the App Store alone. Youtube didn't make the top 10 list on Google Play Store. Lensa took the seventh spot with $26 million in revenue on the list of the apps with the most revenue in December 2022 on IOS App Store. It wasn't seen on Google Play and hence, we can see that the trend of Lens is almost finished and that it couldn't make it to the list of top 10 apps with the most revenue in December 2022.

Life360, Fitbit, and Disney+ were the apps with the most revenue on Google Play with $4 million revenue.

LensaAI can be barely seen in this revenue list so it is almost impossible that it will make it to the top 10 list in January. So we can see that the craze for LensaAI was only till December and now people are almost bored with this app. Let's see what the list of apps with the most revenue in January 2023 will bring.

H/T: App Figures.

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