The Best US Mobile And Broadband Internet Performance For Q4 Of 2022 Revealed

A new report by Ookla is shedding light on the likes of America’s best mobile and broadband internet performance of Q4 in 2022.

There was one carrier that continued to take a strong lead over all other arch rivals and had almost double the download speed as others. At the same time, they excelled in terms of top consistency, low latency, and great availability.

For those who may not be aware, Ookla is the creator of the popular Speedtest and it shares its report for the American market.

For starters, it was the likes of T-Mobile that really worked hard in terms of outperforming all competitors for various cellphone services that had a median download speed that was double the estimated figure for Verizon and AT&T. It was also seen winning all the standard metrics that were taken into consideration for this particular study.

The American mobile speeds seen for Q4 showed how T-Mobile ranked first at a staggering 151 Mbps and that’s a great rise from its 116 Mbps figure seen in Q3 of last year’s study by Ookla. In the same way, we saw the likes of Verizon and even AT&T come in with double the slower median speeds for installations at 69 and 65 Mbps.

This was in stark comparison to that observed for Q3. T-Mobile was again crowned as the winner for Q4 in terms of its median download speed of 5G. It was just too hard for anyone to beat in Q4 and hence served as some major competition across the board.

Other categories where we saw it take the lead included the likes of Lowest Latency, Video, Best Consistency, 5G Video, 5G Availability, and also 5G Consistency.

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