Ransomware Attacks Have Decreased in 2022 As Compared to 2022 But the Companies Should Still Be Cautious

Ransomware attacks have been going around in the world of technology ever since WannaCry attacked and then infected PCs with viruses in 2017. But now it seems like ransomware attacks are slowly decreasing. Delinea, privileged access management (PAM), released the 2022 State of Ransomware Report. The report concluded that after researching more than 300 IT companies in the USA, only 25% were under ransomware attack in 2022. This means that ransomware has declined by 61% these past 12 months. Before 2022, 64% of ransomware was recorded in different IT companies in the USA. The report also showed a huge decrease in the number of countries that used to pay the ransom. Now the percentage is 68% while it was 84% in 2021.

Even if all of this is good news for many IT companies, it doesn't bring any satisfaction because companies can still get attacked and get their data leaked. Enterprises and companies shouldn't let this news consume them because there is still a risk of ransomware. One ransomware can cost about $4.5 million to a company so there should always be cautionary measures taken. If companies sla
ck off on protecting their data, ransomware can once again increase in 2023.

Threat actors will be able to get more opportunities for stealing data because of this attitude of enterprises. Instead of being relieved that this bigger threat is no more, companies should take measures to keep their data safe and secure. The only way that the companies can safeguard their data is by securing it with password vaulting and Multi-factor Authentication. They should also impose data backups so that in times of need, data can be revived back. Identity Theft is also getting common in these companies. So it's better to have precautions than regret after everything gets under attack.

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