Apple Vows To Justify Why Certain Apps Are Disappearing From Its App Store

There’s no denying the fact that the App Store by Apple has some very strict guidelines in place. And that’s why it’s not uncommon to see platforms breaking plenty of policies on a usual basis.

This is why we’ll often see those apps receiving a ban or suspension until further notice. But it’s interesting to note how the company does tend to ban a few apps on request from the government and this is undoubtedly leaving plenty of concerns in the minds of leading investors and activists.

So that’s why Apple says it’s sharing more details on the matter and why a few apps are disappearing from the App Store without any prior warning being given.

As reported in a recent document published by the Financial Times on Wednesday, the tech giant assured plenty of investors at the start of January why it would be removing a few apps from the App Store. It mentioned the need to make way for more transparency. This comes in line with the news of several apps getting the boot from the App Store in nations such as China and Russia.

It’s definitely worrisome when you see such behavior arise without a proper justification being provided. For instance, around 30,000 apps were getting removed from the App Store in China in 2020. This was so it could better comply with the nation’s locally set up regulations.

And then in 2021, we saw a few study tool apps for the iPhone getting banned for no reason in China. Obviously, the news is shocking and worrisome because so many people want to know what happened. Then we saw a similar trend arise in the likes of the App Store seen in Russia. This is what led to some leading activist-based firms such as Assad Asset Management calling on the tech giant to provide some transparency on the matter.

For a while now, we’ve seen the firm be criticized for acquiring requests from foreign governments about certain apps getting removed. Did you know certain encrypted messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Signal aren’t even allowed to operate in the Chinese App Store? The same goes for The New York Times or a few other social media applications.

Today, the report went on to mention how the leading iPhone maker will now determine how many apps every nation has requested to be removed from the App Store. It also hopes to soon disclose whether such requests would be based on the likes of legal violation and if the company did end up agreeing to it or not.

The firm also has big plans of disclosing to investors how so many applications were removed because they violated the App Store’s guidelines in every nation. Now, this kind of information would soon be a part of the Transparency Report by Apple.

For now, the tech giant is reserving its comments for later and we’re sure they’ll be required to provide a detailed response after making this statement to the public.

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