PR May Help B2B Firms Establish Their Brands But Most Of Them Overlook It As Per This Study

Public relations have been shown to assist various B2B companies in creating well-established brands. But did you know that 43% of them fail to use editorial coverage as the ideal tool to enable sales?

The news comes thanks to this new study who says B2B marketers hail public relations with the highest of regards. According to them, nearly 74% is responsible for the likes of new business strategies popping up.

On the other hand, we see 41% talk about how more than 80% or more of the leads that are qualified in marketing come via the likes of PR. And the average response in such conditions is 74%.

We all know that public relations are not the easiest task of them all. It’s really complicated and it needs a grasp of several elements that entail how to make an entire email list. But this study stuck to the benefits of PR as a whole.

Those who participated in the study went as far as citing a few objectives worth a mention.

60% spike in generating trust, offering credibility, and providing validation. In the same way, 54% spoke about producing more awareness of the brand and then another 54% had to do with nurturing sales conversations. 50% had to do with lead generation and 46% mentioned how an increase in demand for both products and services was linked to this.

It’s thanks to the likes of Vanson Bourne who conducted the survey. His target market included 100 different senior-level marketers that were present in B2B firms. So as you can see, the benefits are plenty but overlooking PR isn’t the wisest decision. What do you think?

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