New Bug On YouTube Allows Latest Videos To Be Posted With Older Upload Dates

Google has gone public with the news about a new bug seen across the app. This enables new videos to be posted on the platform with older upload dates.

The news comes after a video was seen making the rounds on social media and while you might not think it’s a huge deal as videos arise in millions on the app and attain much popularity, this was certainly different.

It had a very unique upload date that went back to April 5th of 2005. Now, the reason why it’s shocking is that the app’s oldest video about an animal zoo hit the platform on April 23rd of 2005. So how can another video that’s newer have an older date? Clearly, this is a bug and the app knows about it.

The company says that it was not easy at all to figure out that it’s a hoax because at first, you’d think what is the issue? But thankfully, you’ll find plenty of clues in the video itself that clearly point out why it’s not what it really seemed.

For starters, it’s not a premiere video but gives you complete vibes about it being of that sort. Such content was nowhere near launching in 2005. Moreover, you can even see how it’s mentioned in the top right-hand side that ‘Live Chat’ happens to be disabled for this particular type of premiere option.

Meanwhile, a second clue that really gives a lot away has to do with the likes of clicking on a particular account name. When that occurs, it highlights how the account was made after the video was getting uploaded. And just in case you still have some sort of doubt, well, feel free to reach out to The Verge that really does confirm it.

A spokesperson for the company claims their team was fully aware of this particular bug and it enabled users to alter upload dates for such video content. They also confirmed how such a video is not the oldest on the app. It’s actually the one put up by the firm’s co-founder, Jawed Karim called ‘Me at the Zoo’. Therefore, for now, we’re reaching out to the firm to see which issues would end up getting resolved.

YouTube says it wants users to be more aware so that they don’t fall into the trap of such a bug.

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