Apps And Games Released By iOS And Android Developers Underwent Sharp Decline In 2022 As Per This Study

A new study highlighted the sharp decline in apps and games released by both iOS and Android developers in 2022.

Both the App Store and iOS shipped far fewer apps than what was witnessed in previous years. As per AppFigures, app developers sent out nearly 1.6 million mobile applications and games to its App Store and Google Play.

Nearly 1.2 million of those ended up being Android applications and games that were sent out to Google Play and nearly 400,000 made their way to the App Store.

Most of those particular apps and games were thanks to the likes of Android that shipped them out to Google Play. And then nearly 400,000 made their way to the App Store.

The difference does certainly appear to be massive but it’s quite normal and has ended been a trend for several years now. And then we had the likes of 1.6 million which certainly turned out to be an impressive figure which is nearly 3 applications each minute.

But in all reality, it’s almost a massive 12% less than that seen in 2021.

New application releases were ebb and flow. As far as the biggest decline was concerned, it was around 3% as witnessed in the year 2019. Meanwhile, 2020 and 2021 witnessed some growth too.

Now when we put all things into perspective, it’s clear to see how the news isn’t too bad. It’s actually all about maturity and if you happen to have applications out there, this might be the right time to push that thought forward.

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