Musk’s New Poll Asks Users Which App Is Best While Stating Twitter Makes People Angry And Instagram Causes Depression

Twitter Chief Elon Musk is back without another one of his polls (comment-based) on the platform and this time around, he’s asking users which app is the best.

But that came with claims about Twitter making people angry and Instagram turning them into depressed individuals. This is what the billionaire feels strongly about and now he’s curious to see if others actually end up agreeing with him.

The poll was launched on Sunday and the responses generated from them were actually quite interesting. One user went as far as mentioning how Twitter doesn’t make him angry but actually ends up making him laugh. And Musk took it with great positivity, adding how he laughs a lot on the Twitter app too.

This is clearly not the first time that we’ve seen Musk issue his resentments about the Instagram platform.

If we go back to the likes of 2018, Musk appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast and stated a few issues that he had regarding the world of social media. According to the Tesla CEO, people always appear as if they’re having an absolute blast on the app. He admitted that it made it seem that all users of the platforms were living a life that was a better life than what the reality of the matter actually was.

And this is when he commented on Instagram and how this platform always made it seem that everyone was so much happier and better appearing than what the reality was. See, the issue is that when you are constantly surrounded by attractive and happy people on social media, it can make some wonder and feel a little complex about not being good-looking enough and not happy enough. So they just assume they suck or there is something wrong with them.

He indirectly feels that Instagram plays with your mind and so many representatives of Elon Musk are yet to reply for further comment on the matter.

As it is, when Elon Musk purchased Twitter for a staggering $44 billion in 2022, he started to wonder if users should actually make use of social media platforms less frequently than they are doing now.

One notable response was generated by Elon Musk after a user of the app shared a study in the form of a survey in 2021. This was by the Center on American Life which showed how people’s social circles were shrinking over the last 30 years.

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