Mobile Commerce Is Trending In China And It’s A Golden Opportunity For Western Social Apps

If you’re wishing to know why top apps like TikTok are pushing more toward the world of eCommerce, well, the answer is simple. The trend is booming in China and while the feature hasn’t really taken off to the extent that many had hoped for in the western world, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Thanks to news from The Information, so many leading apps of today are venturing more toward in-app shopping, hoping to make it big. And they really should, considering the market is vast and the demand in that region is huge.

Just to better put things into perspective, we had so many people in China spend a staggering 1.4 trillion yuan which is equal to $208 billion. They’re buying things on the Douyin app which is again Chinese owned by TikTok’s parent firm ByteDance.

When compared to data from previous years, it’s a huge increase and gives light to the idea of a great rise in today’s western markets. It’s a golden chance that can really be made the best use of. Live-stream shopping is also a trend in places like the US but it’s not to the same extent as that witnessed in Southeast Asia. Here, people have spent more than four times and that’s a lot of money when you come to think of it.
The concept of in-app shopping is massive in places like Asia and it’s really growing fast. TikTok’s parent firm really sees this as the best chance for expansion and revenue generation. So that’s why it wants the app to indulge in it too. Let’s not forget how the growing popularity of TikTok in today’s day and age is massive so it would be wonderful for it to benefit through the likes of this too.

It’s growing at a steady pace in various sectors so it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that this online shopping trend on apps may soon make it big in the US Market too.

Now it’s up to TikTok to really make things right. And they can if they try. This is one reason why the likes of Pinterest and Meta and even YouTube are really jumping on the bandwagon and seeing what types of potential such in-stream shopping has to maximize revenue intake.

Twitter wants to make this an exploring option on its front too. Musk clearly stated on day one how he wishes to convert this application into something that’s offering everything. It’s like what we’ve witnessed for WeChat.

It’s true that we may never see the figures of the western market reach those seen in China, in terms of in-app shopping. However, the figures that are being highlighted in China are clear proof of how there is definitely a lot of potential. Hence, we can certainly bet that the figures would inspire more efforts in terms of western themed social apps. For now, we’ll just need to wait and watch how it all goes.

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