Meta And Apple Fall Off Glassdoor’s List Of Best Workplaces For The First Time In 10 Years

Meta and Apple are two of the world’s leading tech firms and they're famous for offering plenty of perks to their employees.

But what if we told you that they’re not being loved as much by its staff as per a new research study.

The tech giants made history by falling off of Glassdoor’s list of the best places to work in the US for this year. And that’s ironic as this has never happened in the past 10 years.

The list is famous for selecting the top 100 best places to work throughout the year and if you think these names would be ranked high, you’re sadly mistaken.

The last time we saw something of this sort was way back in 2009 and that’s when Apple failed to make such a list. While Meta was a part of the ranking since way back in 2011, we saw both firms be placed at the start of this list as per reports from Bloomberg.

This list is published each year and depending on the types of feedback we get thanks to employees of different organizations, we’re shocked to see the findings for this year.

The survey was conducted by nearly 1000 workers and they were asked for their opinions between October 10 of 2021 to October 17 of 2022. The leading economist from Glassdoor mentioned to Insider how such results are putting one thing in the spotlight. This has to do with themes such as flexibility, communication, and even transparency. It’s also a very stark indication of the perspectives of employees based on their own economic outlooks.

This is something that people give their feedback for and we know this is something that others care so much about. And it’s more pivotal now than ever because we’re dealing with an economy that’s slowly progressing.

So the list is certainly useful as many people are considering how employees better view their employers, keeping in mind today’s economic uncertainty.

It certainly turns into a more important factor now because people need to know where the health of a firm currently stands and which direction it’s heading toward. Be it financial or cultural, it’s great to have good know-how.

As you’re already aware, both Meta, as well as Apple, have really faced some major headwinds in the past year.

Just last year, Facebook’s parent firm opted to free hiring and decreased job offers while ridding nearly 11,000 job positions. This is the biggest round of firing that has occurred in the firm’s history. Hence, many of the firm’s employees are expressing their concerns.

Let’s not forget the obsession of Meta and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg over the metaverse. This is a world where users would be able to embark on a digital universe that makes the best use of AR/VR technology.

The firm altered its name from that Facebook to that Meta in 2021 as it works to focus more on the metaverse. It has already lost a staggering 60% of the core value since that period and then we had Meta’s Reality Labs document its own staggering losses that totaled up to $9 billion.

This past year, around 58% of respondents on surveys were seen producing answers to a poll where Meta’s employees took part in a blind test. It was anonymous and a professional forum that really works hard at verifying a user’s work history.

People claim to really understand Zuckerberg’s ambitions about his metaverse as per a report from The New York Times. So many individuals mentioned that employees weren’t even making use of the famous Horizon Worlds application that’s related to VR technology.

The picture painted of Apple is nothing that’s too bright either. It witnessed a massive hiring freeze in 2022 and that’s when Bloomberg showed how the firm was pushing hard to have workers come back to the office space. This may also have led to its fall in rankings.

Let’s not forget how similar tech firms such as Google, Microsoft, and even LinkedIn made the top 20 rankings.

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