Instagram Revamps Its User Interface With Minor Tweaks To Layout And Removal Of Shop Tab From Homescreen

Instagram’s user interface is finally getting a revamp. The leading social media app is undergoing a few minor updates to its layout while there will be notable changes being made to the placement of certain function buttons.

As highlighted by Adam Mosseri, the platform’s button for navigation that’s present at the app’s bottom would now have a shortcut for content creation toward the middle as compared to the currently placed shortcut tab for Reels. Meanwhile, the button for Reels would be getting a shift toward the right and the spot designated for the Shop Tab on the home screen is bound to disappear.

This is a clear indication of how Instagram’s in-app shopping isn’t getting the kickstart that it would have hoped for. But the platform did confirm how it would still be providing more and more support to other shopping tools after this particular update.

As mentioned by Instagram in a recent post, users can still set up and carry on running their shop through the app as they wish to provide more and more users with better shopping experiences. The idea is to add more value for users and businesses seen across the app’s feed, ads, Reels, Stories, and more.

We saw this feature really gain more and more momentum due to the COVID-19 lockdown. This accelerated the uptake of shopping online and that really had users enthusiastic about making purchases through this app. The app searched for more ways to enhance in-stream shopping that aligned with this sort of shift.

After the pandemic began to die down and stores got back to normal businesses with in-person shopping experiences taking center stage, we still saw people buying a lot online, but just not to a great extent as during the pandemic.
But Meta did mention in recent times how it may have overestimated the potential that such features could have. It also overestimated the potential of Instagram to grow with time in terms of popularity and that’s why the tech giant was left with no choice but to fire nearly 11,000 people in November of 2022.

Keeping that aside, Instagram says it still does have some sort of hope that its feature for in-stream shopping is going to be a thing. As it is, live shopping is a huge hit in places like China. There are more and more predictions that revenues in that particular region from such features may go as high as $400 billion in 2023. And when looked at that in perspective, it’s nearly half of the eCommerce spending seen taking place in America.

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