Google is now going to introduce reaction feature and 360 backgrounds for Google Meet

Google Meet is the second biggest video-meet app after Zoom and is used by many people throughout the world for both office and personal usage. There are a multitude of features available on the app but now, Google has just announced two new features for the app.

First of all, Google is now going to introduce reactions for the meeting app. The platform has been slowly progressing due to some eloquent add-ons to the app and this new reaction feature is one of them. This feature will now let users display their reactions in the form of Emojis while in-meeting. This is for the people who love to have a little bit of fun in their meetings by using Emojis as a subtle way of expressing what they feel.

This feature has been brought to Google meet on iOS, on the Web, and on other supported devices that Google Meet is supported upon. For Android, however, it is just stated that the update is coming whereas a date or any timeline has not been confirmed as of yet.

The Emoji reactions that you will receive will show up on the left-hand side of the display, and the Emojis that will be displayed in the corner of a user’s window will be available to be seen by all in the meeting. While this seems like a good way to infuriate your teacher when in class, it is something to note that there are only 9 Emojis available to use at the time.

Secondly, the other feature we are going to talk about today is also a foolproof way to infuriate or at least irritate your teacher and that is Backgrounds. Let’s be honest, if any students are reading this, most of us are guilty of putting on weird backgrounds during online classes. Google however is taking this to the next level with 360 backgrounds, as reported by 9to5G.

That is right folks; Google is now taking advantage of gyroscope/orientation data by adding this feature into the mobile version of the app. These new backgrounds will join the rest of the standard backgrounds in the gallery and will include a choice of oasis, sky city, or mountain temple and more are on the way. The timeline for these is in a few upcoming weeks but no specific date has been confirmed as of yet by Google.

Moreover, Google is requesting Google meet users to switch from Meet (original) to the newer app which is just named Meet. The difference between the two is that the first has an all-green logo while the latter uses a four-colored logo.

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